Angular Vs Reactjs Comparison — which is the most popular Frontend Development Framework

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Front-end developers would be pretty much aware of the most popular tools — React and Angular. Here in this blog, we have enumerated in detail about Angular vs ReactJS. With the ever-evolving JavaScript system, choosing the best technology may seem difficult. One being a library and another being a framework, comparing each of them may seem fishy to some. Isn’t it? Answering this question may not be possible by us or anyone else. The answer to this question will depend upon your project environment and other pertaining factors.

Here in this blog we explain the difference between Angular and ReactJS so that it will help you decide on the same. Before getting into the details of this comparison- Angular vs ReactJS, let’s understand them both individually.

Kindly keep in mind that this article is only my personal opinion and also based on some articles I read about the same

What is Angular development?

Angular is a popular JavaScript framework. Right from routing to handling requests, everything is handled via angular. Angular being a framework, it includes standardized and pre-written code that makes development easier for the developers. Angular is a TypeScript-based MVC framework created by Google.

The learning curve of Angular is small thus removing the need of low-level details for simple apps. Google has declared that versions below Angular 2 are called AngularJS and versions above are called Angular 2, 4, 5 or simply Angular.

What is React development?

React is a popular JavaScript library used for building user interfaces. This JavaScript tool is created by Facebook and has a big community and ecosystem. React gives you the freedom to choose whatever library based on your project needs. This technology gives developers the ability to create a custom-made stack. Being released 3 years before angular, react has faced-lot of real-world problems giving a greater market advantage.

So far, there are three versions of React: React-dev tools, ReactJS.Net and React Native. Not only facebook, but Instagram and Watsapp as well use React development framework.

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Difference Between Angular and ReactJS

  • Architecture

Architecture becomes an important aspect when discussing Angular vs ReactJS. Both Angular as well as ReactJS have a varied architecture. Angular works based on Model-View-View-Model or MVVM. ReactJS uses only the view pattern in the MVC model. If picking ReactJS, then one may have to use other libraries such as Redux and flux. For e.g., if using flux then it will take care of the M part in MVC.

  • Learning curve

When compared to ReactJS, Angular has a steep learning curve. If knowledgeable in JavaScript, ReactJS allows the developers to learn and make an app easily. While Angular has a complex content management system and also requires knowledge in different concepts and languages as well. With the ever-evolving developing environment, unlike ReactJS, Angular requires its developers to constantly upgrade themselves

  • Data Binding

Angular allows two ways binding which means that any changes made in the model will affect the UI and vice-versa. In the case of ReactJS, it only allows one-way binding. Changes in UI can be made only after altering the model view but the changes directly made in the UI will not be updated in the model view.

  • Process

Though the Angular has a simplified development and testing process, the data presented it renders has quite a compact view. Also, processing large amounts of data may not be as faster as ReactJS. Angular works well in case of less data as it can shorten the loading time.

  • Technologies

Through Angular, creating quality-rich apps can be made using HTML, CSS and JS code. It also allows easy writing tests for the application. React uses JavaScript only with JSX syntax to insert HTML into JavaScript code.

  • Community Support

Angular releases a new version twice in a year, giving developers great challenges. Being backed by Google, it has a great and active community. React is maintained by Facebook and is easier than Angular. Though React is also a newer version and is used by companies like Twitter and Airbnb, it certainly as good community supports.

  • Flexibility and freedom

This is a major factor that contributes to the decision of choosing Angular or ReactJS. Angular makes the developers use Angular components inside other frameworks and embed codes in an HTML-based application. When it comes to ReactJS, it gives us the freedom to select the tools, libraries, and architecture for developing an app. ReactJS offers better freedom and flexibility than Angular.

  • Angular vs ReactJS


As already stated that the goal of this blog is not to find a better JavaScript tool. Here, we have stated a brief comparison of Angular and ReactJS. Like any other framework, these both also have their pros and cons. If you are a beginner, then it might good to choose ReactJS as it simpler learning curve than Angular. In the case of a large scale project, then opting Laravel would be the best option. So the choice is yours!!

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