AngularJS vs NodeJS vs ReactJS: Which One Would You Choose?

Comparison of JS Frameworks: AngularJS vs NodeJS vs ReactJS


With a large support community, there can be some top reasons to choose AngularJS

  • There is an injection subsystem with inbuilt dependency
  • It allows simple routing and angular data binding
  • It allows to create customized document object model(DOM) easily
  • Amazing user interfaces can be built by help of AngularJS
  • Data must be synchronized between components and model view
  • It can be considered as an extension to HTML syntax and can create reusable components by directives
  • It provides great angular libraries along with robust template building solutions
  • The process of unit testing with Angular JS includes Injection of mock data into your controller and then measuring the output with behavior. Individual test pages are created and tested one by one and then they further interact with components to see if it works.

What can be various drawbacks of choosing AngularJS?

  • There can be some performance issues with DOM elements
  • Sometimes the scope of the application can be hard to debug
  • Limited routing
  • As pages embed interactive elements, Angular becomes slow with pages
  • It is very difficult to integrate the third party
  • One can easily learn AngularJS


Reasons to choose Node.js

  • Node.JS developers write server-side applications in JavaScript
  • Node.JS developers can scale up applications created in Node.JS in vertical as well as horizontal manners
  • Google’s V8 JavaScript engine compiles the code written in JavaScript directly into machine code
  • It further supports the caching of individual modules
  • It is highly extensible
  • It supports real-time web application development

Cons of Node.js

  • It does not have a rich library
  • Node.JS keeps changing at frequent intervals. An all-together new API can come up with backward incompatible changes.
  • It follows the asynchronous programming approach rather than linear blocking I/O programming.
  • You won’t find Node.JS suitable for your large and complex applications development. It does not support both multi-threaded programming. It queues the incoming requests and executes them separately when log running tasks have to be processed. This increases the time required by an application to respond to user requests.


Reasons to choose React.js/React/ReactJS

  • React’s virtual DOM is faster as it only refreshes a part of the page, rather than the conventional full refresh model
  • Easy to create UI Test Cases
  • Easy to reuse the code components
  • It can display components in large amounts quickly and efficiently
  • Specialized chrome extension makes it easy to debug
  • Any data changes require manual processing
  • It is view oriented
  • Rendering the code from the server to browser will eventually improve the SEO of the webpage
  • It improves debugging speed, making it easier for developers
  • It covers both iOS and Android
  • As it makes use of reusable components, it becomes easy for the hybrid applications to render natively
  • React Native UI components can be applied without re-writing to an existing app’s code
  • It’s one of the top JavaScript frameworks among ReactJS developers and is growing
  • It provides support for both front-end and server-side

Cons of ReactJS

  • Making use of JSX which allows mixing HTML with JavaScript is considered a serious disadvantage by ReactJS developers as it is complex and has a steep learning curve.
  • With the constant release of new tools, documentation still remains incomplete, which makes it difficult for new ReactJS developers to understand and code.
  • With a high pace of development, ReactJS developers must quickly learn new ways of development. With fast evolution, not every developer is able to keep pace.

What’s our take on it?



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